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    Valcucine renews Eataly partnership

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    Valcucine already present at Eataly Milano Smeraldo fine food complex, continues its relationship in the new store in Munich, opened on November 26. This is the first step in a long-term partnership that will see Valcucine involved in future openings of Eataly in Boston and Los Angeles. The partnership between Valcucine and Eataly is based on common values – a caring, aware attitude towards the client, always putting quality first. As Oscar Farinetti said “Eataly chose Valcucine ’cause is quality, innovation , simplicity and wellbeing. Common values ​​of two great Italian companies”.   The Valcucine Cooking School presents a regular series of courses and educational initiatives, featuring some of the company’s top products – the Artematica kitchen with its New Logica System, the equipped back panel providing revolutionary ergonomic storage and opening solutions. Artematica embodies high technology, simplicity of form and pure, essential lines. It is available in several versions [...]

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OAT 2013 – Behind the green door
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This year’s Oslo Architecture Triennale (OAT) marks the 5th edition, and is titled Behind the Green Door – Architecture and the desire for sustainability. OAT’s main exhibition open on September 19. All the [...]

Valcucine protagonist at Casa Jasmina:  Torino’s Open-Source Connected Apartment, from Bruce Sterling and Arduino
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On June 6, 2015, the doors open in Casa Jasmina, a unique example of a connected apartment with open-source ideals, promoted by Arduino and curated by the futurist and science fiction writer [...]

Valcucine at Expo2015 and Expo in the City
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Valcucine Expo Sessions: art, health, gourmet, sustainability On the occasion of the World Expo in Milan Valcucine renews its commitment to a culture of sustainability that has as its aim the promotion [...]

Genius Loci blog
Genius Loci preview
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VALCUCINE is about an all-Italian tradition linked to conviviality, quality and beauty. The kitchen is conceived as a place where one comes together every day and shares the pleasures of cooking and enjoying [...]

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Tempting Art Installation
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“Don’t play with your food!”- the admonishment we’ve often heard in our childhood is cheerfully brushed aside in this project; what happens when we take cooking out of the kitchen and into [...]


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